Saturday, October 16, 2010

Memories of Hawaii...our best trip yet!!

Our trip to Hawaii was one of the best trips ever. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were there but as I was creating this little collage it brought back some fond memories as if it were yesterday that we were there. And just today Connor, out of the blue asked "when are we moving to Hawaii mom?"
The amount of memories and pictures we have really warrant a full album but this little collage is just a perfect little sample of our trip.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hawaii here we come

Tomorrow morning we leave for 3 1/2 weeks in Hawaii. We have travelled alot with our kids and experienced many the adventure...but this will be a new adventure for the kids...they get to FLY on an airplane. Connor is the most nervous. He said he would be more excited if we could just drive there...sorry Connor you're out of luck. Chloe and Noah are much less worried and Chloe is very excited about being in the clouds.

I hope this summer's memories are as memorable and special as our last big trip when we spent 5 weeks travelling the coast of California. Above are a few memorable pictures of that trip.

Another Successful School Year

Well another school year has come and gone. Look at these sweet little kids anxious for school back in September. And here we are in July.....Chloe finished kindergarden reading like her brother Connor and very ready for grade 1..... I can't believe it!! Noah finished grade 2 as Mr. popularity and ready for a new challange in gr.3. Now Connor...what can I say......he finished
gr. 4 with flying colors and just a little attitude (but we are going to work on that aren't we Connor).

Heres to another year ...CHEERS

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Piece of Heaven

Finally...I get to post something I am so excited about sharing. It's almost complete except for a few details inside and some landscaping. But that will come in time :)
Last fall I convinced my husband to build Chloe (and the boys) a playhouse. My dream came true and we ventured into the playhouse design and building world. After investigating many options online for pre-done plans and kits we decided to design our own.....very rarely does my husband take the 'easy road'. No plan was good enough or structurally sound enough for the price. But in the end I love what we came up with......a sweet simple little 6x10 cedar tinroofed playhouse with loft and all. Here are a mixed bag of pictures of the work in progress and the finished masterpiece.
We Love It....can't wait to enjoy some special tea party time......and some memorable sleepovers.
Love MoM

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Little Man

Well my first born celebrated his 10th birthday this long weekend. Hard to believe 10years ago I was holding my first born. Worrying about how the heck I was going to take care of this little person and worrying that I would never sleep again I hold this great big tall 10 year old and I still worry...but about very different things. Will he grow up to be all the things a mother hopes for..caring, compassionate, hard working, successful....Well so far so good, I am so very proud of Connor and all his special traits and talents...his love of reading (usually up till midnight because he can't put down the new book he started)...his love for technology (I can never understand what he is talking about-thank god for his dad)...his silly silly personality...his serious shy side(this I love)...his brainy side (pretty smart little dude )...his love of a great 'debate' he truly loves his little brother and sister (he watches out for them even though he doesn't want to admit it)
I Love You Connor
Happy 10th Birthday
Love MoM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's About Time

Well...its been awhile. I have found it hard to find the time to blog but more truthfully I have had a difficult time finding the motivation. Sometimes, actually most times it breaks my heart thinking about how quickly time is passing and how quickly my kids are growing up. So frankly I have been avoiding putting my thoughts and memories into text.
But today I'm going to try....... once again

I'm going to go back a few months because I feel I owe it to my middle son to express how proud I am of him. Noah is a very modest child and I often think he doesn't believe how truly talented he is. So this is for him....
This winter was a very proud time for Stacey(dad) and I. We spent many nights and most weekends watching Noah play hockey. To our amazment he surpassed our expectaions every practice and and every game in more ways than one. Noah is 7 and this was only his second year in hockey. Compared to most of his team mates who have been playing for 3-4 years he was definatly a rookie. Well this rookie rocked the arena every single game!!!! My little Noah averaged 3 goals per game...many games scoring 4,5 or 6 goals. Unbelievable really. I know this sounds like bragging but we were told by many coaches in our league that they have rarley seen a young novice player with such finesse, speed, determination and natural ability to flow with the game.
Noah scored 48 out of the total 58 goals scored in their regular season games plus another 9 goals scored at their home tournament and approx. another 20 goals scored during preseason games.
I know scoring is not the end all and be all and this is what makes this story all the more special...not only was Noah a scorer he really showed signs of a true leader and great team mate. Noah was continuoiusly encouraging his team mates and cheering them on, even those kids who struggled. Noah never bragged and never showed signs of his success going to his head. True to himself he remained very humble. He always thought about the team and his little friends first...always trying to pass the puck, be fair and encourage his team mates. It was a proud day when one of Noah's friends mom came to me during a practice and expressed her amazment with Noah. She expressed how Noah's skating, puck handling and scoring skills were pretty amazing for a 7 year old but what she thougth was really unique was his kind heart and his amazing leadership potential. This was the moment of all mother's son was acting in a way that reflected what we have been teaching him since he was little- respect others, encourage others, be kind to others, cooperate, try hard and be proud. A lot for a little gaffer to uphold.
My heart swells as I think about my sweet little Noah and what the future holds for him.
Love ya Noni...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Look at those Baby Blues
Well another year has come and gone. For me this is time of year is bittersweet. I am happy to think of all the memories we have created together as a family yet it saddens me to think my kids are another year older.

This year I aspire to just 'be' and slow down and enjoy the little moments, to love my kids' hockey games instead of complaining how early they are and how many there are, to appreciate their extreem silliness, to get down and play 'american girl' with Chloe, to understand pokemon and read Harry Potter with Connor, to laugh and shoot pucks with stay up late with my husband instead of falling asleep everynight with the kids!! This is the Year I unleash the ceative energy inside of me-watch out 2010!!

love MOM

New Beginnigs

Well..this is my first attempt at blogging. My motivation is to preserve our family experiences in time. It seems like time wisps away before I can really soak it all in and enjoy. I hope that these blogs will allow my husband my boys and my princess to go back in time and relive these memories again and again.