Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Piece of Heaven

Finally...I get to post something I am so excited about sharing. It's almost complete except for a few details inside and some landscaping. But that will come in time :)
Last fall I convinced my husband to build Chloe (and the boys) a playhouse. My dream came true and we ventured into the playhouse design and building world. After investigating many options online for pre-done plans and kits we decided to design our own.....very rarely does my husband take the 'easy road'. No plan was good enough or structurally sound enough for the price. But in the end I love what we came up with......a sweet simple little 6x10 cedar tinroofed playhouse with loft and all. Here are a mixed bag of pictures of the work in progress and the finished masterpiece.
We Love It....can't wait to enjoy some special tea party time......and some memorable sleepovers.
Love MoM

New Beginnigs

Well..this is my first attempt at blogging. My motivation is to preserve our family experiences in time. It seems like time wisps away before I can really soak it all in and enjoy. I hope that these blogs will allow my husband my boys and my princess to go back in time and relive these memories again and again.