Saturday, January 9, 2010

Look at those Baby Blues
Well another year has come and gone. For me this is time of year is bittersweet. I am happy to think of all the memories we have created together as a family yet it saddens me to think my kids are another year older.

This year I aspire to just 'be' and slow down and enjoy the little moments, to love my kids' hockey games instead of complaining how early they are and how many there are, to appreciate their extreem silliness, to get down and play 'american girl' with Chloe, to understand pokemon and read Harry Potter with Connor, to laugh and shoot pucks with stay up late with my husband instead of falling asleep everynight with the kids!! This is the Year I unleash the ceative energy inside of me-watch out 2010!!

love MOM

New Beginnigs

Well..this is my first attempt at blogging. My motivation is to preserve our family experiences in time. It seems like time wisps away before I can really soak it all in and enjoy. I hope that these blogs will allow my husband my boys and my princess to go back in time and relive these memories again and again.