Monday, October 12, 2009

Giving Thanks

We spent the weekend with family eating glorious food and enjoying the presence of family and friends. Although I enjoy all of this I do not enjoy the cool weather (actually fridgid in my mind) It feels alot more like christmas than thankgiving but my kids loved it. The early snow didn't scare them one bit!! After scrambling for winter wear they dressed up as best they could and spent 3 days outside trying to sled in the sciff of snow we got. They enjoyed it so much and seeing their rosey cheeks and smiling faces ALMOST convinced me that I like this time of the year too.
But today as we spent the day frantically preping our garage so we could pull in our cars and putting away summer parafinalia from the yard I shivered and froze and was reminded how I already long for those hot summer days.
Oh well...better move or stop complaining.


New Beginnigs

Well..this is my first attempt at blogging. My motivation is to preserve our family experiences in time. It seems like time wisps away before I can really soak it all in and enjoy. I hope that these blogs will allow my husband my boys and my princess to go back in time and relive these memories again and again.