Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's About Time

Well...its been awhile. I have found it hard to find the time to blog but more truthfully I have had a difficult time finding the motivation. Sometimes, actually most times it breaks my heart thinking about how quickly time is passing and how quickly my kids are growing up. So frankly I have been avoiding putting my thoughts and memories into text.
But today I'm going to try....... once again

I'm going to go back a few months because I feel I owe it to my middle son to express how proud I am of him. Noah is a very modest child and I often think he doesn't believe how truly talented he is. So this is for him....
This winter was a very proud time for Stacey(dad) and I. We spent many nights and most weekends watching Noah play hockey. To our amazment he surpassed our expectaions every practice and and every game in more ways than one. Noah is 7 and this was only his second year in hockey. Compared to most of his team mates who have been playing for 3-4 years he was definatly a rookie. Well this rookie rocked the arena every single game!!!! My little Noah averaged 3 goals per game...many games scoring 4,5 or 6 goals. Unbelievable really. I know this sounds like bragging but we were told by many coaches in our league that they have rarley seen a young novice player with such finesse, speed, determination and natural ability to flow with the game.
Noah scored 48 out of the total 58 goals scored in their regular season games plus another 9 goals scored at their home tournament and approx. another 20 goals scored during preseason games.
I know scoring is not the end all and be all and this is what makes this story all the more special...not only was Noah a scorer he really showed signs of a true leader and great team mate. Noah was continuoiusly encouraging his team mates and cheering them on, even those kids who struggled. Noah never bragged and never showed signs of his success going to his head. True to himself he remained very humble. He always thought about the team and his little friends first...always trying to pass the puck, be fair and encourage his team mates. It was a proud day when one of Noah's friends mom came to me during a practice and expressed her amazment with Noah. She expressed how Noah's skating, puck handling and scoring skills were pretty amazing for a 7 year old but what she thougth was really unique was his kind heart and his amazing leadership potential. This was the moment of all mother's son was acting in a way that reflected what we have been teaching him since he was little- respect others, encourage others, be kind to others, cooperate, try hard and be proud. A lot for a little gaffer to uphold.
My heart swells as I think about my sweet little Noah and what the future holds for him.
Love ya Noni...

New Beginnigs

Well..this is my first attempt at blogging. My motivation is to preserve our family experiences in time. It seems like time wisps away before I can really soak it all in and enjoy. I hope that these blogs will allow my husband my boys and my princess to go back in time and relive these memories again and again.